Where the Wild Things Suffer

It might be stereotypical, but I came to Africa for the animals. Obviously I came here for other reasons too, such as a unique work experience, but ultimately, it’s always been a dream of mine to go on an African safari, and see animals in the wild, where they belong. (Probably ever since seeing The Lion King, let’s be honest.) So when I actually did get the chance to go on a safari, you can imagine my disappointment when I learned that in that particular park, (called Nazinga Game Ranch), all predators – meaning lions and panthers –  died out years ago due to overhunting. And, while the animals within the park are protected by law and the borders are patrolled by military officers, (although I don’t know how frequently), the area is vast and dense. If they wanted to, poachers could sneak in, shoot, kill, pack up and animal and leave without anyone noticing they’re there. Furthermore, the park is surrounding by

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