I have depression, so sometimes I’m depressed

Saturday was the first good day I’ve had in a few weeks now. I felt Real Emotions, and by the grace of God, they were happy ones. I got up at a reasonable time, I was productive, and I actually wanted to be social. By the time Saturday evening rolled around, I told my roommate that I wanted to meet her at the bar after she was done with her dinner plans. I thought that getting out of the house for an evening, and not doing the exact same self-destructive thing I had done every night for the last two weeks, (Netflix, multiple glasses of wine, and bed for the entire evening), would be good for me. The after-dinner hour of 9:30 pm rolled around, but by then, I was well on my way to a night in. I had started to come down from my day of social interactions, and all my instincts were telling me to stay curled

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