With Spring, A Breath of Fresh Air

Spring is the season of renewal. For me, it signifies the real new year.

You never notice how much you missed the sound of birds chirping in the morning until you’ve trudged through a six-month long winter without them. You never realized how much joy the feeling of warm sun on your face actually gives you until you feel it for the first time in over six months.

In Ottawa, seeing people walk outside as soon as the thermometer goes above zero is really quite amusing. I have this image in my head of people poking their heads out of their front doors, squinting and rubbing their eyes in the sunlight, as if waking up from a long, long nap. The season of being covered in at least four layers of something at all times has passed. Rejoice, hibernation is over!

Spring is a time to reconnect with yourself, to re-establish who you are, what you’re doing, and to ensure that you’re taking steps to pursue your own happiness. If you’re not, then it’s time to recognize that and make a change!

Here are some suggestions for how to liven up your spring and to shake off those winter cobwebs:

1. Try something new

Whether it be taking up yoga, or signing up for a pottery class, now is the time to start doing things that you’ve always meant to do. In the winter, the idea of these things sounds nice, but if you’re anything like me, the reality is that the only place you want to be is curled up in bed with a cup of tea and some Netflix. Now that the weather is warmer and you can get from house to car without your face hurting, it’s time to do something for you! You’ve got extra daylight to kill, so put it to use!

2. Get outside!

Mother Nature is in full bloom. This is her time to shine. Reconnect with her by going for a long walk, and taking in all the small beautiful things she has to offer. Getting a good dose of fresh air will leave you with lots of extra energy, not to mention a new appreciation for the world around you. The smell of melting earth mixed with blooming flowers is unlike any other. Remind yourself that the Earth is precious and that we can always do more to keep her that way.

3. Buy a spring dress

Forget about the blacks, blues and greys; leave the drab tights and the cardigans in the closet – it’s time to shine with a new floral dress! There’s no better way to celebrate your inner colour than a good classic floral print that can be dressed up or down and worn all around town. Feel as pretty as the spring flowers all around. It’s scientifically proven (?) that bright colours have the power to induce happiness. You’ll be surprised at just how great you’ll feel when you go outside for the first time with bare legs, sun on your face, and a full floral skirt swishing in the wind.

4. Get your spring clean on 

While this may be obvious, you might not realize just how good it can feel to start the new season off clean, organized and with lots of space. Purge your closet, clean the windows, put a fresh coat of paint on your favourite room; It will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on whatever comes your way this summer. (Plus, you make space for a little spring shopping…)

5. Go spring somewhere else! 

Whether it be touring the beautiful manicured gardens in Versailles, immersing yourself in pink, fragrant flowers at a Japanese cherry blossom festival, or going to the flower markets in Brussels, spring is one of the most beautiful seasons around the world. And, if spring is taking it’s sweet time in your town, it’s a great way to get an early breath of fresh air and is the perfect cure for cabin fever.

A writer with depression, what else is new. Passionate about feminism, and making the world a better place.

One thought on “With Spring, A Breath of Fresh Air

  1. You hit it right on….SPRING…after a cold hard winter is one of the best things in the world!!!! Keep writing…your right on!!!


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