Exploring Your Own Backyard: Your Next Destination is Closer Than You Think

Kyle at the Nordik -Copyright Chelsea Nash 2015-
Kyle at the Nordik -Copyright Chelsea Nash 2015-

“Your home away from home.” It’s a phrase I’m sure you’ve hear over and over again, repeated by hotels, resorts and travel destinations.

It works, because home and the comfort associated with it are incredibly appealing. Even the bravest of explorers will sometimes fancy a week in a cozy resort on a beach.

But who’s to say you can’t have it both ways? You don’t always have to go far from home to be away from it, and why not take advantage of the comfort that actually being home (or close to it) offers?

My boyfriend and I decided a while ago that we would take a trip together this past weekend. We contemplated New York, because of it’s drivable distance. But, after much humming and hawing, we came to conclusion that as two students with limited to no income, in the second semester of the school year, a weekend in New York would just not be plausible. But, we still wanted to get away. After a bit of thought, we decided on a night in Gatineau, Quebec, followed by a day spent at the Nordik Spa – a scandinavian spa that had been recommended to me countless times before.

This all to say: the perfect getaway can often be found in your own backyard, if you only take a moment to look. While of course a trip like this lacks a lot of things that travelling to a whole new country offers, it can also make for the perfect, low-cost weekend getaway. It can be just enough to relax, refresh, and reset yourself amidst your hectic daily life.

We enjoyed some of the best food, which we found just at the hotel’s restaurant, Risotto – not typically where you would expect to find a delectable four course meal. The hotel itself was lovely, clean, with large rooms. And the spa was incredible. We opted to just go for the standard one-day access. Not really too certain of what to expect, we were very pleased with the whole experience. The whole ordeal had the desired effect of making us feel as though we were miles away, enjoying something exotic and luxurious.

Enjoying some wine at Risotto -Copyright Chelsea Nash 2015-
Enjoying some wine at Risotto -Copyright Chelsea Nash 2015-

It turned out that one of the best getaways we could have planned was only a half an hour drive from home. We were able to save a ton of money; from the hotel, to the gas money, even the food was a whole lot cheaper than it would have been in a place like New York. But I was exactly where I wanted to be, and did not once find myself wishing we had gone anywhere else.

Your home at home might be just the thing you’re looking for.


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