14 Signs You’re a Born Traveller

1. You’ve always liked going places, even if they were imaginary. Maybe you travelled as a kid, maybe you didn’t. But you always did appreciated a good story, one that would take you away from reality and into a fictional, fabulous and beautiful world.

2. You’ve always had a certain appreciation for nature, and every once in a while, in the midst of your everyday life, you’re caught off guard by it’s serene beauty and sheer power.

3. You’re brave. Plain and simple; you like to take risks and you strive to be independent in everything you do. You’re not scared of the world because you know that being scared would deprive you of seeing it all. Sometimes there’s a hint of naiveté in your logic but you know that great stories and life experience doesn’t come from playing it safe.

4. You’ve developed a love/hate relationship with airports. And airplanes. They are the wormhole to your next adventure, and you really don’t know what life would be like if you couldn’t fly across the world in a day (or two). But delays. And cancellations. And crying babies. And people who just do not know how to navigate security.

5. Your favourite thing to do in a new city is to wander. Sometimes you get lost. But there’s nothing better than taking the long way home, and discovering something new and beautiful.

6. Your address book includes people from around the world. One of the best things about travelling is the people you meet. While travelling abroad, sometimes the only thing needed to connect people is a common language. The people you meet abroad will for the most part remain just that – but social media is a beautiful thing. If you can stay in touch, knowing that you have a place to stay should you ever decide to travel to their neck of the woods (and vice versa, of course), is an extremely valuable asset.

7. You start planning your next trip before you’re even home. Ordinary life starts to bore you, and you realize that you’ll do whatever it takes to be abroad.

8. If you can’t afford it now, you’ll crunch numbers until you can. Irresponsible? Yes. But you’d rather have a full photo album than a full bank account anyways.

9. Your comfort zone knows no limits. Okay some limits. But diving head first into things is how you roll.

10. You’ll eat (almost) anything. The food is part of the culture. You got to France for the finest cheese, you go to Italy for the finest pizza, and you go to Japan for the finest sushi. You know you can’t pick and choose to get the full cultural experience, even if your digestive system may or may not run into problems later…

11. Your favourite decor consists of things you’ve collected on your journeys. Maps, prints, paintings. Your living room is interesting if nothing else. When you have company over, nothing gives you more pride than telling them where and how you acquired this strange object, or that beautiful print. It definitely wasn’t from Home Sense.

12. You know that you’ll learn more from your travels than you ever could in a classroom. Obviously you won’t be returning from your trip to Egypt a doctor, but what you gain in life experience is worth your weight in gold.

13. You’re a natural explorer. It doesn’t matter where you are, even in your hometown, you know adventure is just around the corner.

14. You’re happiest when you’re abroad. You get a rush from seeing the city for the first time from the air, you’re always cheerful and chipper with the cabbie who takes you to your hotel, and the air in your lungs just feels fresher. We are forever indebted to the French for giving a name to this feeling: la joie de vivre. 

A writer with depression, what else is new. Passionate about feminism, and making the world a better place.

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