Ain’t No Skeevy Pick-Pocket Gunna Get Me Down

When travelling, the only things you really need are your passport and your camera.

Lost luggage? Forgot something important? Been pick-pocketed? Me too! Speaking from experience, none of these things are reasons to stress. (Okay, I stressed a little). Once your initial freakout is over, it’s time to take a deep breath and realize that nothing is worth ruining your trip over. No inhumane airline or skeevy looking pick-pocket can take away the experiences you travelled all this way for.

While frustrating, annoying, and downright aggravating, yes, life will go on! The most important thing you need with you while travelling is a positive outlook. Sh*t happens no matter how well or poorly you’ve planned. When it comes to travelling, there are simply too many factors out of your control. The most important thing to do is to breathe deeply, look around you, and remember why you’re there. All of the aforementioned problems can and will be remedied, in one way or another.

Lost your luggage? Why, what a great opportunity to do some shopping to tide you over until they find your bag.

Been pick-pocketed? It’s probably because you were having such a great time in the first place that you forgot to mind your surroundings for just a moment. Choose to remember that state of careless, exhilarating happiness rather than berate yourself for all eternity for not clutching your bag a little tighter.

You’re in a magical place, wherever you are, so don’t let the bumps in the road get you down, embrace them! Some people will never be so lucky as to have their phone stolen in a dive bar that you bravely wandered into on your latest adventure. (Cough cough, yes this was me). If anything, it adds some colourful stories to tell the people back home.

Just don’t lose your passport.

(But even that can be fixed).

A writer with depression, what else is new. Passionate about feminism, and making the world a better place.

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